Saturday, February 6, 2016

Low Calorie Panther Punch

Being a long time Panther fan, I have been sipping on this delicious drink on Sunday's for years! I try to watch my calories and stay fit so this drink fits into my diet without sugar overload! The drink is around 94 calories when made with 1 shot per drink! I mix up one packet of the Hawaiian Punch powder with a 16.9oz bottle of water. Pour 1 shot of coconut rum over ice and top with the flavored water! Easy, yummy and low calorie! WIN!

*Even though I am not a fan of some of the ingredients in the sugar free Hawaiian punch packets I make an exception every once in a while!*

Friday, January 1, 2016

Kitchen Upgrade

Granite- (Color)- White Sand through Home Depot Installed $1800 It was on special buy and they were running a Labor Day promotion for an extra 10% off......SCORE!!! 
Backsplash (Color)- Champagne Toast from Home Depot>>HERE
Microwave- Samsung>> HERE
Magnetic Spice Rack>> HERE

We got our granite & sink installed through The Home Depot. We installed the faucet ourselves with the help of a friend. (we had to do some plumbing work because the new sink is much deeper than our previous) The backsplash we installed ourselves! I would not recommend doing it yourself if you do not have experience with tile work or a super handy spouse! If you decide to DIY your backplash I would recommend using THIS to save you time and mess along with premixed grout. We used this brand of grout and it was great> HERE! As far as the microwave goes, thankfully we have a friend in the electrical field who wired us an outlet in the cabinet above the stove and installed our new over the range microwave for us! After that we just switched out some hardware, added spacers to the electrical outlets (HERE) and a little paint (not pictured) and VOILA our updated kitchen!! 

Magnetic Spice Rack

I made this magnetic spice rack for our kitchen for CHEAP! I got the sheet metal from Lowes >> HERE for less than $5 and the spice containers from World Market >> HERE for $1.99/each. We attached it to the cabinet door with sheet metal screws. (Make sure you get small ones so you do not drill completely through your cabinets & also take into consideration the design on the front face of your cabinet when attaching!!) I used a label maker to label all of the tins. This is a super inexpensive project that will free up space in your cabinet, it is very functional and looks pretty impressive too!!